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The International Coach Federation defines coaching as this: partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. I don't think I can better that so I won't try!


Sample session: so you get to test drive the car before buying it (of course)! We would have a short session where you bring a real topic and get to experience being coached by me after which we decide whether we think we are well suited. It's SO important to have chemistry - so this is a crucial step. And like a test-drive, I don't charge for this session. You can book right now if you're already excited about this!

Getting into the rhythm: if we decide to work together we would start by establishing some goals for the coaching - what do you really want from this? It could be support for a particular project, personal development, finding a new job, getting closer to your family. You know what's important to you and I can help you articulate meaningful goals. ​We would then meet twice a month (that's the ideal but we can talk about what works for you) for an hour (in person or online are both fine) and work towards those goals. I will help you to understand what's important, to find your mojo and to develop the capacity to live your life as you choose to. 


I work with clients in person or online in a quiet and private space (so not Starbucks) so that we can create a safe container for the coaching. We meet as often as is right for you (although I would suggest somewhere between twice and once a month usually works well). IU would usually recommend working for a minimum period of three months - but I'm flexible. I bill on a monthly basis or up front if you buy a package. Rates are for us to discuss in our sample session.

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