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In addition to coaching, part of my practice focusses on organisational coaching and developmental interventions. Typically I work with senior leaders to understand their goals, the current situation and build a plan of interventions. These can range from coaching, to leadership training, to organisation design and associated change management. I'm passionate about creating workplaces full of great leaders (and ensuring that people don't have to experience poor leadership). As such, I will only offer my services if I believe I can contribute to this goal. And if I don't believe my interventions will serve this purpose, I won't go ahead.


I have designed a leadership model which I have used to develop leadership programmes for companies. The model comprises the following elements:

  • My identity as a leader: this is about building a solid core in leaders through reflection, feedback, identification of values and preferences, and building the muscle of self-awareness.​

  • My vision: this is about developing a vision and building that into something that others can follow and against which success can be measured. It combines the aspirational elements of visioning with practical tools to ensure it is delivered

  • My leader rhythm: here we focus on ensuring leaders can juggle the every-day things to ensure that nothing essential gets overlooked. When times are tough, often people get neglected in favour of "business" and suddenly a leader creates new problems. This is about balance, priorities and creating perspectives.

  • Developing my team: this is about building skills to coach, have honest conversations, develop and manage careers. 

These are the "bones" of the model, and I tailor a programme depending on client needs. The learning is all experiential which means you get to do what you're learning - not just hear me talking about it. I've developed tools and models based on my study but also my experience as a leader in Shell. 

The programme can be delivered online and in person.


As a subset of the leadership development, sometimes leaders need specific skills development to support their growth. The training is based on industry best practice, as well as my own experience as a leader in an international oil and gas company. Here are some examples of some of the modules that I deliver:

  • Managing commitment to and delivery of targets

  • Managing complex stakeholders

  • Performance management and planning your team's development/ delivery

  • Motivating others and delegation

  • Holding difficult conversations and delivering feedback

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence


I specialise in leadership coaching. This combines all the features of coaching with an added focus on developing a successful team. This has roots in my own experience of leading large teams across multiple countries and with many layers and so we could look at areas such as creating a culture, putting in place a compelling vision, developing leaders to lead, performance management etc. All of this within the framework of a coaching relationship where you, as my client, set the agenda. 


My work in change management focusses on the leadership level. So this could be change that arise from the leadership development work eg. leaders wish to use their new skills to implement considerable change in their organisation - and I will work them them both to manage the impact of the change, but also to lean into the skills and tools they have acquired in the development programme.

Alternatively, I support clients with organisational changes (restructures, layoffs, acquisitions) focussing on engagement with leadership and broader staff. Very often this goes hand in hand with some people development and always aim to develop capacity in the organisation to manage future change themselves.

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