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Like you there are many facets to me. So here are the bits that feel relevant to share right now as I'm guessing you are considering working with me.

Starting at the end: I'm currently a certified coach (see my Linkedin for details) and leadership consultant based in Malaysia. Originally from the UK, I've lived in Europe, Canada and now Malaysia where I enjoy summer all year round. 

Before this I worked for Shell International for 20 years. In more recent years I led large operational teams and I began to learn the value of coaching as opposed to instructing. I was pretty good at recruiting smart people and I wondered what it would be like to lean into my teams to come up with creative ways of doing what needed to be done. And being smart, they rose to the challenge and flourished. My relationship with my teams then became one in which coaching played a prominent part. I believed they had the talent to do the work and they believed the same. And it felt electric. At the same time, I became faculty for Shell's leadership programme. And I noticed that I most enjoyed the parts of my role where I was developing others. And people said I was good at it.

So in 2018, I took the plunge and set up on my own. I'm passionate about working with individuals who are looking for more, and with humans in a corporate setting who want to be leaders rather than managers. 

I totally have an agenda - and it's about developing humans to be great humans to and with other humans. If this sounds a bit fluffy then maybe skip on to the next coach. And if you're intrigued let's talk.

About Me: About Me
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