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Coaching is like chocolate – until you’ve had a taste it’s difficult to describe

I remember my niece’s first birthday party: it was a big moment as, until then, she had never tasted chocolate. Her food had been home-made, healthy and hearty. Her parents had managed to steer her away from chocolate, but were aware it would become increasingly difficult to keep that up – and so as her first birthday party loomed, it was to be the scene of her first taste of chocolate! When she did taste it, her face lit up we fancied we could see a combination of indignation at having been deprived this luxury and sheer pleasure that words describe only poorly.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, it’s a bit like coaching. Until you have been coached by a professional* coach, you cannot know what it’s like. As with chocolate, you can’t really understand the experience without actually going through it. And so I want to persuade you to try. With me!

Why would you or should you come to coaching? Coaching is about creating a future for yourself that is the most fulfilling it can possibly be. Coaching is about not settling for “good enough” but helping clients to get to great. Coaching is about taking that Monday morning feeling and making it feel like a Friday. Coaching is about what you want.

I am trained as a Co-Active coach. Co-Active coaching works on the premise that the coach is an expert in asking questions that bring insight, discomfort, learning and transformation, and the client is the expert in their own life possessing everything they need to succeed within them. The coach brings out the best in their client using different techniques to think, feel, connect with their inner intelligence (some call it unconscious or gut feelings) and tap into energy to do things differently for themselves.

I have a coach. And all of the above is present in my relationship with my coach. With him, I’m becoming really ambitious for myself – to know myself, to be happy, to balance all the different elements of my life that are important to me, to uncover and overcome fears that have stopped me from doing things for years. The more I work with him, the fewer limits I see for myself. And you can have the same!

I’m looking for new clients and I invite you to explore what coaching could do for you. I offer a sample session for free (that means we chat, get to know each other a bit, and we work on a topic that you bring for about 30 minutes so that you can get a taste of what transformative coaching is really like). During that session we will also discuss what a coaching relationship could look like for us, including frequency and rates. I’m based in Malaysia, but my clients are based all over the world – coaching works well both in person, and virtually through video call technology.

So drop me a line at brucecobrien@me.comand see what you could achieve when you discover your most powerful self through coaching.


*I use the word professional deliberately to indicate someone with both specific coach training and experience as opposed to someone who dispenses technical advice and training.

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