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Coaching FAQs

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

You might be here to find out more about coaching by reading some frequently asked questions. Well I'm sorry to disappoint - I want to talk about another type of FAQ. Freakin' awesome questions. But this is important. Coaching is about asking questions. And not just any questions - they have to be awesome questions if they are to really add value to you as a client. After all, you're smart, you're creative and you've got this far.

As coaches we sign up to FAQ. We learn how to ask the best (and sometimes the worst-seeming) questions that will help our clients uncover what's important to them, and to access their most creative selves in pursuit of greatness. Consider the following:

- If we were to set up a coaching session, what goal(s) would you want to work on together?

- What is important about these goals?

- How will you know when you have achieved these goals?

When was the last time you spent time pondering these sorts of questions? When was the last time you smiled at the thought of your own future? By booking your first coaching session, you commit to exploring these questions and other more demanding questions. You commit to pursuing your own fulfilment.

Great coaching is about great questions. It's about FAQs. To find out more contact me to schedule a 30 minute free sample session.

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