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You made it! I'm guessing that you're curious about me so here's a bit about me and what I do. You can find out more on the coaching and leadership pages. 


I’ll keep this simple. What I do falls into two main buckets: I coach great humans to fill their lives with choice, opportunity and joy and I work with companies to develop their human leaders through coaching, facilitation and leadership development


I have worked for some great humans over the years - people who believed in me, pushed me, developed me, and cared for me. It was amazing and I grew. And now and then I worked for some people who didn’t do those things and it wasn’t so great. I felt like a number. Both experiences sparked something in me. What if the world were full of great humans leading companies, leading families, leading friends? I believe that the world needs great humans everywhere and it’s my mission to help make that happen.


coach great people one-to-one. I facilitate learning in all sorts of companies. I have developed a leadership development programme aimed at leaders who want to grow their leadership presence and competence. I teach coaching skills to new coaches

I'm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Even before pandemic I was working virtually with clients across the world and I suspect I'll be working from my home office for some time yet.

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